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Timeline JS

Informations about the service

Timeline JS is one of apis services.
APIs are used to load scripts: geolocation, search engines, translations, ...


This service does not use cookie.
Cookies are not the only technology to store information about you, a service not using cookie can store information via: flash cookies, directly on the server using a fingerprint, using html5 storage...

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Service marker

<iframe src="//cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline/latest/embed/index.html?source=spreadsheet_id&font=font&maptype=map&lang=lang_2_letter&start_at_end=start_at_end&hash_bookmark=hash_bookmark&start_at_slide=start_at_slide&start_zoom_adjust=start_zoom_adjust&height=height" width="width" height="height" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Timeline JS: APIs